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HDB flat buyers have been taken for a very long ride and most are afraid to face the fact that none of us is an owner. PAP politicians who keep trumpeting our second highest home ownership rate in the world are in fact lying. HDB has already confirmed ‘owners’ are merely ‘lessees’ on its website, in line with Singapore statutes. The fact that we can’t mortgage HDB flats which we are supposed to own should have convinced flat buyers that we are not owners. PAP politicians are able to use ‘owners’ loosely in the media to impress upon Singaporeans that we do own public housing. This is not some half truth but a lie. To date, not a single minister has categorically stated that HDB flat buyers are not lessees. HDB flat buyers have been had and it’s about time the delusional majority wake up to the lessee nightmare: we are not owners of HDB flats.

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