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61 year old Mr Lee, who stays at Yishun Ring Rd Blk 112, has been tolerating his neighbour's outrageous behaviour for years and hopes the authorities can take action against her. She has been pouring oil, urine, salt, gravy etc at his unit almost everyday, causing his gate and bicycles to rust. Mr Lee had to resort to making a wall so that his neighbour will not step foot anywhere near his unit. Unfortunately, she still continued to pour oil near his door, which forced him to "upgrade" it with a taller wooden wall that is now fitted with pipes, durian shells and cactus plants. His major DIY project took him 5 hours to complete. Now, his neighbour is unable to get within 5m near his unit but is still trying to pour stuff into his house. Mr Lee has had enough and hopes for relevant authorities to look into this issue.

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Every Single Person in Norway Became a Millionaire Last Week.

On Wednesday, everyone in Norway became a theoretical millionaire as the country’s sovereign wealth fund — the largest in the world — soared to 5.11 trillion crowns ($828.66 billion) due to high global oil and gas prices. Now not only is Norway the second-happiest place on Earth (according to the UN’s World Happiness Report 2013), but they’re also amongst the world's most financially secure citizens.

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