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Would Anyone Care About Offensive Comments On EDMW?

Recently, Minister Shanmugam said that action will be taken against a man who made insulting posts about Indians and Covid-19 on Twitter under the handle Sharon Liew @sharonliew86 some weeks ago. I run a Twitter account where I upload screenshots of racists / anti-religious posts made by various Hardwarezone members, a forum owned by Singapore Press Holdings. Will anyone care about these offensive tweets?

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Shanmugam: No Ban On Things Just Because People Find Them Offensive

Law and Home Affairs Minister is at it again, this time saying that many people in Singapore may find things very offensive, but the Government will not ban all of those things that people find offensive. He neglected to mention that the Death Metal group Watain got banned precisely because some people started to find the group offensive on the day of the band's performance itself.

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