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Architect Tay Kheng Soon: Singapore Must Think Beyond The Defunct LKY Vision

NUS professor and veteran architect Tay Kheng Soon believes Singapore needs to have a new vision beyond the defunct Lee Kuan Yew vision of a "Global City." Noticing how the Covid19 pandemic has wrecked the global economy, Tay Kheng Soon says it shows the vulnerabilities and outdatedness of LKY's vision. The world has changed since Singapore achieved its status as a Global City.

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NUS Students Unhappy At Farcical Town Hall Meeting On Sexual Misconduct

NUS students have cried foul over the Town Hall meeting organised hastily by NUS to address the sexual misconduct case where most said NUS had failed in its handling of the perpetrator and victim. Students and netizens alike have called NUS' punishment of Nicholas Lim, who had videoed Ms Monica Baey while she was in the shower as inadequate.

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