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NTU Scholarship: “Overseas Students Will Be Prioritized”

Dear AllSingaporeStuff, I saw someone sharing this screenshot and it made me very angry. I understand why local universities need foreign students. That’s where a lot of their income comes from, because foreign students have to pay higher school fees. I also understand why companies like to sponsor students and …

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Covid19: Unethical Zaobao Journalist Published Story Taken From Instagram Without Permission

A Zaobao journalist known on IG as @songpei published a story on an NTU student who had Covid19, and took pictures from the latter's Instagram story without permission. The journalist had tried to ask the student for an interview about his experience with Covid, but the student declined and rejected him. However, he still went ahead to publish the story with the latter's IG pictures, and even details of his family members.

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To me personally, army is still ok but police or SCDF is low class jobs done by "some people" only. I tried to convince my bf because he has a degree why should he do that kind of job. But all those pleas fell on death ears. I feel like i need to save my parents face too. And with that kind of manual labor job i can forget about having a posh wedding.

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