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Sexuality in Singapore (and a response to Lawrence Khong’s piece)

I'm writing in light of the recent saga revolving around HPB's FAQ on sexuality. (Yes I'm very late to this metaphorical bandwagon but that's okay because this was never meant to be a breaking news site haha) I think the controversy was sparked off by a petition from an "Aaron" to have the FAQ reviewed. Apparently said Aaron felt that it was providing "unverifiable, pro-homosexuality, one-sided answers to the questions they post". Almost immediately, a contrary petition was launched to restore the FAQ. The huge publicity generated subsequently started an unstoppable avalanche of opinions and perspectives with politicians and religious leaders chipping in, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Senior Pastor Nina Khong: Family Under Attack

Legalising same-sex marriage removes parents of both sexes from the marriage equation, which effectively destroys family – the basic building block of our society. With family – the most fundamental support and pillar of a healthy community destroyed, how will a righteous generation be raised? What kind of future will our children, and their children have? Although recent studies have shown that children raised in gay and lesbian households fare no worse than those raised in traditional families, are their emotional or psychological needs appropriately fulfilled?

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