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We do not expect all eligible Singaporeans to take up the Lease Buyback Scheme. Those who wish to bequeath their homes are free to do so, especially if their children support them or they have other sources of retirement income. The fact that most eligible home owners have not taken up the Lease Buyback Scheme may well be a positive sign that most seniors do in fact have other support, and are adequately provided for in retirement.

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Giving S’poreans peace of mind for the future: PM Lee’s National Day Rally 2014

Mr Lee said that the Government will ensure Singaporeans have enough for their old age and will provide more opportunities for young Singaporeans to pursue their dreams. In recent months, political leaders have hinted of tweaks to the Central Provident Fund to better provide for retirement adequacy while the Ministry of Education has also been reviewing the polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education landscape.

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