Covid19: MP Louis Ng Shared Poll for NDP Funpack which Closed Shortly After

After a May 21 petition to allow people to opt out of receiving the NDP funpack, MP Louis Ng shared a poll on his Facebook post on Monday (May 25) morning 9.38am. However at 5.52pm the same day, he updated that the poll was closed. That's barely a full day.

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Covid19: Why Is The National Day Parade Still Allowed To Go On In The Midst Of a Pandemic?

Many people have been affected by Covid19. The economy is in recession, businesses are shutting, people have lost their jobs, some have taken pay cuts, and many others are apprehensive over their employment and economic stability. Yet, the government somehow thinks that it is still appropriate to go ahead with the National Day Parade this year. The NDP costs alot of money. Why isn't this money used to help the unemployed, or to supplement the income of front-line workers such as nurses and cleaners?

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The NDP committee is investigating why the National Stadium's domed roof failed to light up with the Singapore flag during the fireworks finales on National Day. This comes after popular NDP items like the Red Lions parachuting team and the fighter jet flyby were canned due to the closed roof. The Committee tried hard to put a positive spin to this hiccup by stating that "Celebrations still went on smoothly, and the NDP 2016 Executive Committee is heartened by the spirit of Singaporeans both at the National Stadium and at home celebrating our nation's 51st birthday"

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