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Temple Talk at Mun San Fook Tuck Chee, Singapore

Mun San Fook Tuck Chee 萬山福德祠 is one of the few Cantonese temples left and could well be one of the oldest in Singapore. Bro Yik Han, our tour leader had been researching into this temple and written a book on this temple together with his friend. Many thanks to Takako-san who brought along the book, members of the group today were able to view the pictures, especially of the statues that were a little too difficult to view inside the temple under the dim lighting condition.

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Temple chairman Chin Fook Siang, 71, said he is "gravely concerned". "The place has a history of man than 140 years and many of us grew up patronising the temple," he said in Mandarin. Mr Chin, who grew up in bygone Sar Kong villiage in the vicinity, said the temple had previously served more than a thousand villagers. "Mothers, too poor to afford medical services, would prayto the gods for their children's health, students would pray for good grades and men would pray for prosperity," he added.

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