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Asia Competitiveness Institute (ACI) is a government mouthpiece used to brainwash Singaporeans

The PAP has come out all guns blazing to refute Singapore's reputation as the world's most expensive city. We know that this is not done to convince citizens who are trapped here with their CPF money held hostage but really for foreigners who may otherwise be deterred from coming to Singapore.

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Don’t believe the headlines about the “world’s most expensive city”

The problem lies not with the EIU or with its methodology. It is fit for its purpose, which is specifically to provide guidelines for bosses deciding how to compensate employees being transferred abroad. But reading newspaper headlines suggests that it is a bargain to live in Mumbai or Karachi, the lowest-ranking cities on the list. This may be true for somebody on an expat benefits package with a lavish housing allowance thrown in, but for everyone else, it makes little sense.

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