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Chan Chun Sing Says SG Must Do More To Attract More International Talent

Seems like Minister for Trade and Industry, Chan Chun Sing really have been living in his own PAP bubble all this time. At a point in Singapore's recent history where locals are up in arms over the number of foreign talent who have come in and taken over jobs while local Singaporeans struggle in their own country to get employment, here he is calling for Singapore to do more to attract foreign talent.

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2.59m Singaporeans Eligible To Vote, 80,000 More Than In 2017

The number represents an increase of 80,000 eligible voters when the registers were last revised in 2017. It was not made known where the 80,000 new voters came from, but it is usually numbers of voters who had turned 21 since the last revision, or possibly newly minted Singaporeans who were given their citizenship since 2017.

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My first three boyfriends were Chinese (Taoist, Buddhist and atheist), my current is one of those westernized Muslim man. My mom was very relieved when I started dating the Muslim, and honestly, I'm just doing it because he's rich, good-looking and shares the same born religion - please don't judge me, it's really that hard to find a Malay-Muslim man in Singapore who can make money. I don't really love him, he's so much older and all we ever do is sleep with each other. But my mom's happy he's Muslim, my dad's happy he's rich, and I don't have to be broken up with again because of my religion, so why not?

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