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Wrong COVID Vaccine Given To 16-year-old Boy

MOH recently announced that those who are 12-18 years old can take the Pfizer vaccine. But somehow this 16-year-old boy was allowed to register for his vaccination at Kolam Ayer Community Club which only carries the Moderna vaccine. “Our investigations found that the individual’s date of birth had been erroneously …

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Covid19: Straits Times Edited The Confirmed Coronavirus Cases For 17 April 2020

On 17 April 2020 the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced 623 confirmed Covid19 cases in Singapore as of 12pm. This meant the total number of coronavirus cases was over 5,050. However the more interesting part was many netizens pointing out how Straits Times (ST) had edited its article. According to various screenshots, the same ST article had contradicting information about Singapore having 5,050 and also 5,573 confirmed cases.

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Will Data Collected By TraceTogether App Intrude Personal Privacy?

The Ministry of Health and GovTech recently launched an app TraceTogether to help with contact tracing for the COVID-19 pandemic happening in Singapore. In the event TraceTogether users test positive for COVID-19, they are legally obliged to share their data logs with contact tracers. There is uncertainty what the data logs look like. It is also worth noting that personal information can be extrapolated from anonymised data, by using other tracing methods such as CCTV footage and interviews.

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