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The Council has planned a series of outreach and awareness programmes targeted at active Internet users aged aged 15 to 35. With the Internet gaining increasing prominence in our everyday lives, outreach events aimed at raising awareness on cyberwellness will be held at secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

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MLC implies Anton Casey was ‘cyber-bullied’ by netizens

By making such a statement, Mrs Lim seems to imply that people like Casey and Quek have been ‘cyber-bullied’ by netizens even though the netizens may have posted comments disagreeing with what Casey and Quek did. Threatening people – whether online or offline – is a criminal offence covered by the law. Those who have threatened Casey or Quek, if any, should be dealt with by the law. But Mrs Lim should ask herself if the majority of netizens did post comments to “threaten” Casey or Quek?

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