Covid19: Employer Of Foreign Workers Complains MOM Policies Suck

An employer who hires foreign workers complained that the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) policies suck. His criticisms include how MOM comes out with multiple policies daily, and how information about these policies are passed on to employers inconsistently. He also explained that employers also face constraints and limits, and urged the ministers to walk the ground to see how employers are scrambling around trying to keep up with their short-notice policies.

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SGUnited Evangelists Helping PAP With Its Ruse By Muting Criticism

Netizens have observed that during this Circuit Breaker (CB) period, everyday people who are SGUnited evangelists have unknowingly been brainwashed into "PAP goons". These SGUnited evangelists have started to blindly echo the PAP in trying to mute criticism against how COVID19 has been handled in Singapore.

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