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Ex-DBS CECA Employee Accuses Singapore Of Practicing Racism

In August 2018, a former DBS Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) employee caused controversy when he posted an image of a Singapore flag being torn apart to reveal the India national flag. He was investigated and eventually let off with a stern warning from the Singapore police. CNA wrote an article that ended with him declaring his "unwavering" view about how he "still feel this (Singapore) is the best country in the world". Fast forward to 2020, Singapore is facing the Covid19 pandemic. The ex-DBS employee took to his LinkedIn to criticise Singapore.

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Covid19: Straits Times Edited The Confirmed Coronavirus Cases For 17 April 2020

On 17 April 2020 the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced 623 confirmed Covid19 cases in Singapore as of 12pm. This meant the total number of coronavirus cases was over 5,050. However the more interesting part was many netizens pointing out how Straits Times (ST) had edited its article. According to various screenshots, the same ST article had contradicting information about Singapore having 5,050 and also 5,573 confirmed cases.

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Although the Ministry of Health provides subsidies for pioneers like Mr Tan to get treated at private dental clinics, these do not cover specialist periodontic treatment. Dr Ang said the claim amount for gum treatment is equivalent to scaling, which is $40 up to twice a year. Said Mr Tan: “I am angry. What is the point of giving pioneers cheap and good medical and dental care with such long waiting times?” As to subsidies from the Community Health Assist and Pioneer Generation schemes for poorer patients – there is no subsidy for 11 (the most common) out of the 19 dental procedures for Chas orange card holders.

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