MOE Continues To Offer Job Scholarships For Overseas Applicants

A contributor shared a job advertisement by the Ministry of Education (MOE) which is offering positions for overseas applicants. The job opportunity is a Teaching Scholars Programme for International & Other Qualifications only. MOE has outlined a specific guideline that this job applies only to persons who have “international qualification” …

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People’s Voice Party Made Right Judgment Calls For Covid19

Secretary-General of People's Voice Party (PVP) Lim Tean had cautioned against the reopening of schools a week before 2 June 2020. It looks like PVP was proven right when state media reported four students and one school employee tested positive for Covid19. Lim Tean reminds voters that PVP has been the only Party that has been right about Covid19 since February 2020, and he attributed these right judgment calls because PVP, unlike the PAP, has been putting People First!

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Close Down Useless Stat Boards Like Science Centre Singapore

Looking at the way Singapore Government spends its money, I think there is a lot of room for improvement. There are many statutory boards that can be privatised and should belong to the private sector,such as Science Centre Singapore. Science centre singapore is a statutory board under MOE. They got approximately 70 million dollars of grants from the govt in the past 2 FYs under operating grants from govt and grants from other govt agencies. Cant this 70million dollars be used more prudently for other uses like building better school infrastructure or healthcare, building more ICU units?

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