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Covid19: Video of Mass Dance at Expo Investigated For Unauthorised Filming

An infectious video of a nurse leading a group of patients, mostly migrant workers, in a mass dance at Expo has been flagged as an unauthorised filming of patient activity. What an anti-climax! It is not clear if it was a staff or patient who took the video but there was no doubt it raised the spirits of many, including other foreign workers, and whoever took it probably wanted to spread the cheer. Many have shared it on social media, including Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin.

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I try asking for Badsha’s passport, but my efforts are in vain. The man refuses, and dials the police. I tell Badsha it’s time to go. We start pushing the trolley with his luggage on it, and the man loses it. He physically restrains us, stops the trolley with his foot and shoves Badsha, grabbing his shoulder to hold him back, all this while trying to talk to the police on the phone. We keep trying to push past him, but he’s making a huge scene by this time. He’s shouting, telling us we can’t leave, and he’ll make sure the police take us to task. Badsha and I look at each other. He grabs his bags off the trolley, I hold his arm and we start walking away as quick as we can, not looking back.

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