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Two Men Investigated By Police For Throw Eggs At Shanmugam Comments

Police have confirmed that they are currently investigating two men for comments they made on a ChannelNewsAsia Facebook post, in which one man said he wants to throw an egg at law and Home Affairs Minster K Shanmugam, and the other man provided details of where Shanmugam will be on his upcoming Meet-The-People session.

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Brawl At Liang Court On Sunday Morning, 2 Men Arrested

Police have confirmed that they have arrested two men for their part in a brawl that took place at Liang Court shopping centre on Sunday morning. Both suspects arrested are 28 years old, while another man, a 27 year old, is currently assisting the police on the case.

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I think it is high time for females to serve NS since they haven't been producing enough babies with our falling fertility rate of below 1. Women can serve in paramedic, recce, sniper, scout, artillery, intelligence, UAV pilots, security, etc. There are so many roles that doesn't require physical strength and women can fit into these roles perfectly, leaving those physically demanding roles to men. By doing so, we can increase manpower. I would also trust women citizens more than male PRs. Which makes me question why do we need PRs, who are effectively foreigners, to serve NS? No foreigners should ever be trusted to defend our nation. In times of war, they might even be recruited to be spies by foreign invaders.

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