Covid19: PAP MP Seah Kian Peng Continues His Walkabout Despite Stricter Circuit Breaker Measures

First we had PAP MP Chia Shi Lu, who went to Alexandra Village Food Center with potential PAP candidate Colonel Eric Chua to supposedly distribute masks to hawkers. Now we still have Seah Kian Peng who also break the rules by going to the market alone, claiming that he is a safe distancing ambassador, even though he never wear the proper Tshirt and still can hashtag #walkabout.

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Covid19: If the Govt Took Drastic Measures To Deal With Virus Earlier, We Would Still Be Having Bubble Tea

The situation must be incredibly dire to severely limit the food options of this country more than closing all dine-in eating. This just makes me more scared of our domestic situation. But it is also getting me more distrustful of the lightning party. They would argue that only under their iron hand we would go through this crisis, but the same could be said for literally anyone in any crisis with enough time and patience given by the people. And if they had taken advantage of the buffer period of January to March where they had little infection and more time to take more drastic measures, we wouldn't be in this sort of crisis.

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Ebola…the reactions of neighbouring countries compared with Singapore: As for Singapore, this is what MOH advises: “Returning travellers from affected areas or travellers who suspect that they have been exposed to Ebola virus should seek immediate medical attention and mention their recent travel to the attending physician if they develop any disease symptoms while travelling in or within 3 weeks of being in any of the areas.” Just an advisory. Period. And it’s totally reliant on the traveller to self-monitor.

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