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SG Bookie King Wilson Raj Perumal Insults Malays and Threatens TNP Reporter

Wanted criminal match fixer Wilson Raj Perumal is back to what he does best when his nefarious activities are highlighted - attacking the person who reveals his sordid crimes, in this case, The New Paper's (TNP) Zaihan Yusoff. Even worse in his feeble attempt to mock Zaihan, he oversteps a boundary and insults Zaihan's race group - the Malays, in a Facebook (FB) post:

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Singapore bookie syndicate planned to rig World Cup 2014

“The syndicate had been posturing, setting up a base of corrupt football players and officials through matches played overseas in national leagues and international friendlies,” Zaihan quoted one senior unnamed Singapore official as saying in “Foul! The Inside Story of Singapore Match Fixers”.

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