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Commentary: To the Polls !

I trust that you've heard the news from 7pm yesterday? Our good friend Lee Hsien Loong has decided to call elections within SIXTEEN DAYS from now. Do not waste the means in which you can change the world around you. One vote can make a difference, but a bunch of them can make that difference more guaranteed. In a time where everything is uncertain, dark and gloomy, I ask you to shed your fears and vote for the things that you hold dear to your heart. You are only free to criticize, walk down the road, video-conference with foreigners, stand in some public place quietly for a bit or make your opinion on Facebook until they say so. Freedoms do not need a permit, you only need literacy and the courage to take it and use it !

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Workers' Party's Chen Jiaxi Bernard suggested for PM Lee to take a leave of absence and assign an independent committee to look into the Lee family allegations. "This is not about how much Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang has/ has not contributed to Singapore. This is about what Lee Hsien Loong had allegedly done. And he has to be accountable to our institutions, as well as the very people who have given him the mandate to govern... We need an independent inquiry. Prime Minister Lee, if you really mean what you say and represents all that you said your party represents, please take a leave of absence and appoint an independent committee to look into the allegations. It is now more than urgent that Parliament convenes and appoint an independent ombudsman. More than ever, moving forward we need an independent parliamentary ombudsman."

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Did not take long for another price increase. For the month of May 1 to July 31, gas tariffs will increase by 2.4%. Gas tariffs are for households who uses the City Gas. The hike was due to a 9.2 per cent increase in fuel costs compared with the previous quarter, which was announced to justify the price increase. Will 2017 be remembered for the year where everything with a price in Singapore was raised by the authorities? We are only in April, but a slew of price hikes have already been announced. Well, the majority voted for this, right? Wanted to give them the mandate to keep sucking our bloods. They have gone out and did just that.

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