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Man Becomes Singapore’s Online Villain After Being Caught Throwing Used Diaper On Car

In the video, a woman who was already inside the car was seen passing the dirty diaper to the man, who was standing outside the car. Instead of looking for a rubbish bin like most normal people would do, this guy just decided to fling the diaper on to the car parked behind his, with a look of utter disdain. The man even took another look at his handywork, and in his triumphant moment, probably failed to realise that the camera was filming his very vile act.

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Man Charged After Defaulting On NS, SAF Showing They Don’t Target Pro Footballers Only

Lee's case echoed that of professional footballer wannabe, Ben Davis. He was supposed to have served his National Service currently, but he defaulted and is said to have signed professional terms with Fulham, an English based professional football team. While Davis has still not been charged in court as he is currently still in absentia without official leave, or AWOL, Lee has been dealt with, as he had returned to Singapore and serving his defaulted NS obligations.

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