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Covid19: Malaysian Government Uses Evacomics Artwork Without Singaporean Artist’s Knowledge

Recently Evacomics drew a several pieces of artwork about the Covid19 situation. Some deal with proper personal hygiene practices, social distancing, healthy activities to do while staying at home. A Malaysian living in Johor Bahru informed Evacomics that the Malaysian government had used her drawings without her knowledge or crediting her. Evangeline Neo has written in to Angkatan Pertahanan Awam (APM) Malaysia Negeri Johor to request that her drawings are credited back to her by inserting "Art by Evacomics".

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Lim Tean And Other Party Members Met With Malaysian Counterpart To Study Their Success

The discussion was hosted at the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, and was also attended by Malaysian Member Of Parliament for Petaling Jaya, Ms Maria Chin Abdullah. Ms Maria Chin is known for her role in the Bersih Movement, and was even imprisoned by Najib Razak's government for the Bersih protest. She subsequently contested and won the Petaling Jaya constituency in 2018, contesting as an Independent candidate. She joined Anwar Ibrahim's PKR after being voted in as the MP for Malaysia's largest constituency.

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BMW Driver Caught Swapping Licence Plates In Malaysia Petrol Station

A man was caught red handed and shamed on photos circulated online over the weekend, that showed him swapping the licence plate of his gold-plated BMW at a petrol station in Malaysia. Online comments speculated that he did that to avoid paying fines or possibly even to avoid getting identified for traffic offences that he was going to commit over in Malaysia.

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