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M Ravi: Lim Tean Unlawfully Arrested By Plainclothes Police

Prominent lawyer Lim Tean was arrested by three plainclothes police officers in his office on 2 Oct 2020. This shocking move comes as Lim Tean was in the midst of helping Leong Sze Hian prepare a defence against a defamation trial filed by the Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, which will be heard next week.

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Human Rights Lawyer Files Judicial Review Application to Stay Execution of Drug Trafficker

From April 2011, Suhail gradually increased his intake of heroin until he was taking roughly 12g to 18g of normal grade heroin a day around the time of his arrest on 3 August 2011. He described the normal grade heroin as “coklat gelap” or dark chocolate. He clarified that he did not reach this rate of consumption, which would cost an estimated $5,000 a month, overnight. In August 2011, his dependency level had got to the point where he was injecting himself every two or three hours just to delay the onset of withdrawal symptoms. When he had to work, he would smoke the heroin.

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Commentary: Who Checks The Judiciary?

Of late, we’ve been swarmed by several concerns on the ground concerning unchecked powers of unelected officials whose adverse decisions will affect us in a way we are unable to extract accountability from. Hence, how do we proceed as a Nation after this GE when political persecution of even LKY’s own family had just recurred and several other upcoming trials of Civil Activists Jolovan Wham, De Costa and Leong are set in October this year? What are we to make of the proceedings and can trust be regained in our Organs of State to do what’s right for the Country when all powers lead to the PAP cabinet?

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