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Customer Recounts Allegedly Unpleasant Experience With Dating Agency

A sales rep from LUNCH ACTUALLY tried to sell me a $2939.40 package for 3 matches with the benefit of choosing the type of look I wanted. So I sent them photos of two guys I may like. They introduced me this man age 59, 10 yrs my senior. I didn’t want this match but they told me he doesn’t look like his age, good looking and I won’t regret meeting him. None of my expectation were met and they refused to refund me. This unpleasant episode has deterred me from looking for another life partner totally.

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Success and failure is on you and you alone will be judged by the results. You can have the purest heart, set the best strategy and execute the best tactics but if you still lose the battle or war, you are just another loser in history. It is hard, it is brutal. So, if LKY had faltered and Singapore ended up being a failed state, he would be the first to be blamed because he was the leader.

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