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Lawyer Khush Chopra Wary About The Public Gallery Seats Given Out During Leong Sze Hian’s Defamation Suit

According to news reports, all tickets for this open Court hearing were snapped up by 7AM this morning. This revelation caused lawyer Khush Chopra to comment "I wonder who knew the unusually early time that queue numbers would be issued and that only 20 seats in the public gallery would be available. I’m not sure you can say that this trial is being conducted in open court that anyone is allowed to attend in these circumstances."

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Lim Tean Heckled By Cops, The Heck Is Going On ?!

I am highly suspect within the time frame in which this was done. Assuming that these allegations against Lim Tean were pre-existing and not something that would just appear out of nowhere, why did the police specifically muscled into Lim Tean's office one week before that Libel suit ? It could easily be a subtle message to hold his tongue in the presence of Lee Hsien Loong

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