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Police awarded for efforts In Kidnap Case

Two police departments, four police units and 39 police officers were presented the Minister for Home Affairs Operational Excellence Awards this morning for the kidnap case which occurred last Thursday. This is in recognition of their outstanding performance and excellent teamwork in the rescue of an elderly kidnap victim and arrest of two men in relation to the kidnapping case.

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The Sheng Siong vs Five Star Tour Treatment by Law

I had my brush with dishonest local companies and talked to CASE before. CASE is an NGO association which have limited powers when it comes to these situations, they can only draft a letter on your behalf to the company and the company can still choose not to respond. If you look carefully in the fine prints of the contract whenever you purchase something like the case of Five Star Tours, they should be protected by several terms and conditions which states that they are not liable for any lost should there be situations like this occurring.

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Sheng Siong kidnapping: The two sides of 'Sheng Siong Ma'

Some describe her as a polite but very private person who hardly interacts with them. Each morning, she can be seen tending to her plants in front of her home, pausing occasionally to greet passing neighbours with a "Hello".But the veil of anonymity disappears just across the road, in a Housing Board enclave near Hougang Avenue 2 and 8. Here, among shopkeepers and hawkers alike, Madam Ng is known as "Sheng Siong Ma", or the mother of the supermarket chain founded by her son Lim Hock Chee.

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Two Gay Singaporean Men charged with kidnap of supermarket boss’s mother

Two Singaporeans were charged in a district court under the Kidnapping Act on Friday with abducting and holding a 79-year-old woman for ransom. Media reports say the pair have been living together for more than 10 years. The victim is the mother of Sheng Siong supermarket's chief executive, Mr Lim Hock Chee.

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Kidnap victim trying to move on, says family

The 79-year-old grandmother who became Singapore’s first kidnap victim in more than a decade stayed away from the limelight yesterday, as Madam Ng Lye Poh broke away from a decade-long routine of going to the market nearby and having breakfast near her home. Instead, she stayed in her Jalan Arif home. Her son, Sheng Siong boss Lim Hock Chee, said the family is helping her to move on. “She didn’t say much this morning. She’s watching TV now. We’re trying to help her move on,” he said yesterday. Mdm Ng, who was described as the matriarch of the family, had not slept for close to 24 hours after she was kidnapped on Wednesday, Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao reported yesterday.

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The police got easy credit and this case allowed them to redeem themselves after the recent Little India langgar fiasco. They needed this publicity badly. They are desperate for it. Now they feel vindicated! It’s because kidnappers are amateurs and according to a local, popular blogger who wishes to remain anonymous this is how the kidnappers should have done it.

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