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Commentary: Foreign Investment Welcomed But Citizens Cannot Be Disadvantaged

We cannot expect citizens to be disadvantaged in the name of being open or soliciting for trade. Foreign corporations and investors are more than welcome to operate here when they respect our core values and labour laws, play their part as they would in their home countries as Singapore and Singaporeans are not third country people to be taken for a ride.

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GE2020: Mediacorp Sabo Opposition Parties With Last Minute Invitations

The 158th media received complains from political candidates about last minute invitations to participate in political debates. Specifically, Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) candidate Bryan Lim Boon Heng criticised Mediacorp for sending an "eleventh hour" invitation. The Workers' Party (WP) may have also been given the same short lead time to make preparations for this Chinese debate. But instead of playing along to Mediacorp's games, WP decided not to attend this Chinese debate altogether. Perhaps WP was right to do a no-show as the Chinese debate turned out to be a farce. Fortunately for the opposition parties, their eloquence outshone the PAP during the English debate.

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GE2020: Reform Party Gives Way to PSP to Avoid Three-Cornered Fight in West Coast

West Coast residents and all Singaporeans will remember the Reform Party for graciously giving up their ward to make things easier for PSP who is seeking to contest in West Coast GRC. It definitely was not easy for RP to come to this decision given the party's "strong emotional connection" to West Coast, as written by Kenneth Jeyaretnam in RP's Facebook announcement, but they are doing this for the greater opposition unity. Talks between the leaders of both parties over claims to West Coast GRC had previously been unsuccessful.

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