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GE2020: Workers’ Party Low Thia Khiang, Chen Show Mao, Png Eng Huat Not Contesting This GE

The Workers' Party (WP) Secretary-General Pritam Singh announced on 25 June that political veterans Low Thia Khiang, Chen Show Mao and Png Eng Huat will not be contesting in GE2020. This decision to step down was made "some time ago". However their decision to step down does not mean they are retiring from politics. Pritam Singh shared that their collective decision to step down was based on three considerations to ensure the successful continuation of WP.

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WP Continues Asking Relevant Questions In Parliament On SG’s Reserves

Mr Perera questioned the Finance Minister on whether the Reserves should always go up and up at the same rate now as was in previous years, especially since 2008, where during the global financial crisis, Singapore had to use a tiny fraction of the Reserves. For comparison, DPM Heng said that Singapore's Reserves need not be dipped into during this period, as businesses and Singaporeans are hit hard by the COVID-19 situation.

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Will Low Thia Khiang Be Contesting In East Coast GRC?

Prominent WP NMPs Daniel Goh and Leon Perera have been seen going on walkabouts around Aljunied with Low Thia Khiang, raising the possibility that both will be candidates in Aljunied GRC. Expert political observer Tan Ern Ser said that Low Thia Khiang's move to contest East Coast GRC will not affect the chances of losing WP losing Aljunied GRC.

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