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Lee Hsien Yang: Troubling Circumstances Surrounding Allegations Involving Lucien Wong

The front page of The Straits Times 25 Oct 1986 article "Report made against lawyer for alleged removal of legal files" has been making its rounds on social media. It reported an incident in 1986 where a female senior partner and a male lawyer at a leading law firm were reported to the police for alleged wrongful removal of company files. This issue also caught the attention of Lee Hsien Yang, the younger son of LKY and a Progress Singapore Party member. He voiced concerns over this article and its developments, saying how "Given all the circumstances, this is troubling."

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GE2020: Lee Hsien Yang Calls On Sinkies to Vote For Opposition This GE!

Standing for the opposition needs character and courage in a way that standing on a PAP ticket does not. It demonstrates a willingness to sacrifice for our country. Alternative candidates have often been victims of unfair treatment, character assassination, and dissuasion from frightened family and friends. These candidates step forward to seek justice and equality for all.

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