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Best for Roy Ngerng to thrash it out in open court?

A PRIME MINISTER of more than 15 years suing a young citizen barely 25 years old – not just for retraction of the alleged libellous statements but full legal costs & compensation for damages? Where is the sense of proportion? Again, the PM is truly out-of-touch. Dumb, even. If I was him, I’ll issue a demand letter but forget about the legal cost & the damage – unless the alleged defendant refuses to recant. At least, you start off on a higher moral ground. Neutral, reasonable people will say and agree that, yeah, it’s a matter of principle about one’s repuration.

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Blogger Roy Ngerng: I Just Got Sued By PM Lee Hsien Loong for Defamation

Hello everyone, I am Roy Ngerng. I am an ordinary citizen in Singapore who believes in speaking up for my country and my fellow citizens. Today, I received an email from Lee Hsien Loong’s lawyer. I am being sued for defamation. I have tried my best to speak up for my country. I have tried my best to advocate for my fellow citizens. However, today, I am sued by the very government which should be protecting its citizens, such as me. This is disappointing.

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Najib threatens to sue Malaysian alternative media over comments

Prime Minister Najib Razak has threatened to sue Malaysiakini for the news portal's publication of its readers' comments concerning his handling of the political crisis in Terengganu which erupted early this week. Najib's legal action was initiated in his personal capacity and jointly with Umno through law firm Hafarizam Wan & Aisha Mubarak.

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