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In the past week, I have been putting all my effort into rallying the people of God to rise up and challenge an unfortunate list of FAQs posted by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) on its website. In return, I wrote a 7-page response that has been sent to the Minister for Health. The FAQs is filled with misleading pro-LGBT statements, and fails to warn the public of the high health risks associated with the homosexual lifestyle.

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Magician cum pastor Lawrence Khong says HPB self-pawn govt pro-family policies

We disagree with the claim that moral objection to homosexual behaviour is based on "irrational fear, disgust, or hatred" of homosexuals or bisexuals because they "do not conform to traditional sexual roles and stereotypes". Far from it. Moral objection is based on the intrinsic physiological nature of the male and female bodies. We do not despise homosexuals or hold them in contempt. We esteem them as fellow human beings of intrinsic worth. Each one is precious, deserving respect and love, just like anyone else.

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