Activists To Organize Event To Discuss POFMA, Is It More Harm Than Good?

A group of activists will be holding an event discussing the POFMA Bill and its impact on free speech in Singapore. Many people have been up in arms ever since the Bill was passed. Will it do more harm than good? Is it a means to curb fake news or is it only a tool to suppress free speech? What do you think?

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NMPs Propose Amendments To Fake News Bill, Want To Have Independent Council To Oversee Decision Makers

3 NMPs have filed a Notice of Amendment to the POFMA in which they outlined various improvements they want to see in the Bill. They proposed that the relevant Minister must explain why something is considered a falsehood and why certain actions have to be taken. They also suggested for an independent council to oversee the decision-making process so that online falsehoods can be countered better and fairer. The next Parliament sitting is on 6 May. Will the people in power bother to listen? Singaporeans will wait and see.

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Singaporeans Hold Hong Lim Park Speeches & Gather Signatures Against Fake News Bill, But Will They Make A Difference?

Singaporeans have expressed concerns over the proposed fake news law. Some will be taking part in an event at Hong Lim Park today while others have signed a document calling for the withdrawal of the bill. Everytime there are new changes, Singaporeans voice displeasure through petitions, speeches and discussions. Have conversations worked? Will they work? If the elites do not start listening to what people have to say, it is time Singaporeans wake up themselves and make a choice that will let us all be heard.

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Lee Hsien Yang: AG Filed More Than 500 Pages Of Complaint Against My Wife!

Lee Hsien Yang posted that the AG has filed more than 500 pages worth of complaints against his wife, Lee Suet Fern. He said that LHL never voiced any issues with LKY's will when their father was alive. He was also bitter that his brother is unleashing so many complaints now even though he never bothered to discuss things with him and his sister, Lee Wei Ling. Lee Suet Fern has filed her Defence. How do you think this drama will unfold and how much public resources do you think will be wasted?

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Former Religious Teacher Jailed For Molesting Woman While Trying To Cure Her From Black Magic

A former religious teacher has been jailed for molesting a woman who attended his classes. He claimed that she was under black magic and molested her while trying to cure her. The man has been stripped off the ARS and will not be allowed to conduct any more classes in Singapore.

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Netizen Starts Petition Against Fake News Law In Singapore, Said It Stifles Freedom Of Speech

A netizen has started another petition against the fake news law in Singapore as it stifles freedom of expression in the country. Even if it is unfair, will starting a petition change things? Will people listen? What do you think?

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An activist rebutted the flimsy response by "Factually" regarding the lack of food quality and quantity for foreign domestic workers, and said it does not address how proper guidelines can be enforced. Do you agree?

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