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Singapore belongs to everyone…. except Singaporeans?

I have been silent for awhile but the PM’s recent “Singapore belongs to everyone” as well as the Police Force’s Operations director Lau Peet Meng’s statement on wanting to “hire foreigners for the police force” has made me write this post to raise & voice my concerns. This post is for all Singapore Citizens as well as current civil servants. I know civil servants usually tend to support the ruling party but does the ruling party intend to support you?

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The man in the golden Merc

After declaring that he was “deeply disappointed’’ with the first immigration breach which allowed a Malaysian woman to tour Singapore for days, DPM Teo Chee Hean has now given the ICA a “chiding’’ for the second breach on Friday. Anyway, that’s the word ST used in its headline to describe what DPM Teo thought of the breach in which a 65- year old man in a golden Merc drove through Woodlands with impunity.

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