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Kumaran Pillai: Fringe Parties Recklessly Colliding With Larger Parties In 3-Cornered Fights

Progress Singapore Party member Kumaran Pillai was asked by a few journalists about the state of opposition unity in the upcoming General Elections (GE). He answered that there is a loose alliance among the larger parties. These parties have a mutual respect and understanding to avoid 3-cornered fights. Kumaran Pillai also said that certain "fringe parties" have been very reckless by going on a head-on collision course. However he believes in democracy, and having a plurality of voices is a good thing. Therefore he still encourages all parties to contest in the GE if they really feel that they are bringing something extra to the table.

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PAP Mole Sabotages Progress Singapore Party With Anonymous Video Alleging Fellow Members of Being Proxies of Foreign Powers

Few days back an Anonymous video was circulating on social media which claims that the party has been infiltrated by foreign proxies. The video also named several PSP members and claimed that they are disrupting PSP from helming the next stage of Singapore. After police reports were made and PSP did their own internal investigation, they found out that the person who created and spread the video was their own party member Daniel Teo Weilong.

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