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PRC SBS driver ignores man’s plea for help as he gets beaten up on bus

Kumar had asked the driver for help around four to five times throughout the journey as the man had continued threatening him to a fight, but was repeatedly ignored by the bus driver, who simply continued driving even though Kumar was standing right next to him. The man then started raining punches on Kumar suddenly.According to Kumar, he had fallen onto the floor during the fight and saw a hand phone lying on the floor. He presumed it to be the attacker’s hand phone and picked it up to hand it over to the police. He asked the bus driver if he could stop the bus at Pasir Ris Police Centre, which is along the bus route but was told the bus could only stop at designated bus stops. Kumar alighted the bus two stops later and made a police report at the Pasir Ris Police Centre before going to Changi General Hospital for treatment.

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