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Watch out for Kpop ticket scams! A fan falls victim as she was denied entry and accused for stealing another person's seat. Last week, another fan was also scammed by a carousell user for selling invalid tickets. "he was in the first few ppl in the front queue, and approach me to use his slot for my ticket, then i transfer him thinking that it was a good deal , on the concert day it self 2 guy approach me claim that i took their seat while their ticket was reprinted , event venue manager allow reprint ticket as priority and i was taken out. Had to call police to investigate and told me that i should be the one watching the concert because my ticket were fresh from the indoor stadium, and demanded a refund in anyway."

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10 reasons K-dramas will ruin your future love life

Ever wondered why that person you had been eyeing for weeks just rejected you in a flash? Ever questioned why the love of your life, after years of being together, just threw you away (sorry to the recent singles!)? Well, chances are that you were taking lessons from the wrong teachers, possibly from K-dramas. Here are 10 ways your endless nights of K-drama marathons may contribute to transforming your happy love life into a terrible one

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5 most difficult hurdles I had to overcome when I left S’pore for Korea

When in Korea, do as the Koreans do. Moving to a completely foreign country like Korea requires a few years of preparation, and still you can never be too prepared. Both Singapore and Korea might be Asian countries with a somewhat similar economic development story, but the similarities end there. Korea, with its unique community, culture and lifestyle, takes a lot more to adapt to than simply learning a few Korean words and/ or K-pop ditties.

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