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COVID19: Singapore Currently Facing Oversupply of Eggs

When Malaysia announced its lockdown in March, Singaporeans rushed to supermarkets to stock up on eggs and shelves were empty in no time. Prices of eggs started to increase slightly due to border restrictions. Fast forward 3 months, Malaysia is out of lockdown and has resumed their supply. Eggs are flowing into Singapore from Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and recently Poland. At the same time, demand from F&B dropped. As a result, egg suppliers find themselves having too many eggs, some having to discard as many as 250k eggs.

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Is the 7-20 June Series of National Broadcasts a Series of PAP Rally Speeches?

Under normal circumstances, nobody really gives two shits about a PAP rallies. However, COVID-19 has made many Singaporeans start tuning in attentively to the Prime Minister's broadcasts. Seizing the opportunity, the PAP rolled out a series of "national broadcasts" about the post-covid-19 future from 7 to 20 June which looks suspiciously like an election rally schedule.

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Chan Chun Sing was earmarked to be Chief of Army (COA) years before he ascended to it. He is so intelligent it's rumoured his CEP was COA when he was a CPT. Chan Chun Sing and Tan Chuan Jin will most definitely become the next Defence Minister and possibly DPM. Chan is the best of the best. He is down to earth, understands how the men feel and he puts them as his priority. I was with him at the battalion level and also on division level. I have never seen such a SAFOS.

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It is about overcrowding, not xenophobia

In the 1970s, the Government intervened with the “Two is Enough” campaign because our nation and wealth level could not sustain a large population overnight. That was an exercise in prudence, and the crowded buses of the 1980s gave way to a more civil commute. Today, I see scenes at the bus stops and on the buses similar to those of the ’80s. Such crowding can also be said of the MRT and our roads. We should face these facts.

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Welfare: Govt still missing the point

If the PAP wants to reconnect with the 40% of voters who voted against the PAP in the last GE, and please its base (including the 35% that “Die, die must vote PAP” , it should rethink its Hard Truth that welfare spending is consumption, not investment. However anti-PAP paper activists should be glad that the govt is unlikely to change its thinking. As ex-scholar Donald Low put it: “What all this points to is that we really need a more robust welfare system that gives Singaporeans much greater assurance of income when they are unemployed, old or sick. The low fertility rate and the desire of even well-to-do Singaporeans to retire somewhere else are signs that the state needs to craft a new social contract with Singaporeans, that it needs to develop more mechanisms to pool risks and give Singaporeans security.

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