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Businesses In Jurong Gateway Are Doomed To Fail!

It came as no surprise when another business establishment at Jurong Gateway proclaimed that it is going to exit the premise end of this April. Mired in losses, Koufu food court at JEM explained there was no concurrence with the mall management for their renewal of lease. Hence, the conclusion …

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Lim Tean Takes Aim At Unnecessary Risk Taken By Organisers Of Private Event At SAFRA Jurong

Opposition politician Lim Tean has taken to his Facebook to post a scathing attack on the organisers of the "private function" at SAFRA Jurong, which has now accounted for 30 linked cases of the covid19, as well as a Merdeka generation event at Commonwealth MRT station over the weekend. He stated that both events were unnecessary, and called both the event organisers as irresponsible, for carrying on with events that puts people in mass gatherings when there is no need to.

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