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Netizen: MOM must do more to prevent workplace accidents!

Dear admin, I am a Singaporean who’s worried about the increasing number of workplace accidents this year. We’re in February and there are already at least 7 workplace fatalities. Accidents are happening in not just one, but many industries e.g. construction, transport. People have lost their lives because of reasons …

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Commentary: Foreign Investment Welcomed But Citizens Cannot Be Disadvantaged

We cannot expect citizens to be disadvantaged in the name of being open or soliciting for trade. Foreign corporations and investors are more than welcome to operate here when they respect our core values and labour laws, play their part as they would in their home countries as Singapore and Singaporeans are not third country people to be taken for a ride.

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MOM Redirects Complaints Of Foreigners Getting Employed To TAFEP

The Covid19 pandemic has impacted Singapore's economy and one urgent concern among Singaporeans is job security. While MOM promises greater scrutiny of hiring practices, some netizens have expressed concerns about the current state of affairs. Netizens have shared personal accounts of possible unfair hiring practices where permits continue to be handed out to foreigners.

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