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PAP Mole Sabotages Progress Singapore Party With Anonymous Video Alleging Fellow Members of Being Proxies of Foreign Powers

Few days back an Anonymous video was circulating on social media which claims that the party has been infiltrated by foreign proxies. The video also named several PSP members and claimed that they are disrupting PSP from helming the next stage of Singapore. After police reports were made and PSP did their own internal investigation, they found out that the person who created and spread the video was their own party member Daniel Teo Weilong.

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SPP’s Jose Raymond Criticises Govt, Says Their PMD Ban Was Not Well Thought Off

This clearly showed that the policy was not overly thought through, because if they were, then the funding would have been announced together with the policy. Jose Raymond opined that the realisation from the government that they had created a bigger problem after they banned the PMDs only came after the delivery riders came out and stated their rice bowls were gone overnight.

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