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Humans Right watch Slams Singapore Government For Jolovan Wham’s Jail Term

The Human Rights Watch has releases a statement slamming the Singapore Government on the imprisonment of Jolovan Wham which started yesterday. He was jailed for being guilty of the charge of scandalizing the judiciary. They even referred to the law offence used by Singapore as being archaic, even pointing out that countries such as New Zealand, Canada and Brunei have ceased using the law. The Human Rights Watch went even as far as stating that the Singapore Government is so afraid of facing up to the truths that they turn to this law to silence their critics.

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Lee Hsien Yang Offered $20k To Help Activist Jolovan Wham In His Court Appeal

Singapore activist Jolovan Wham has expressed gratitude towards Lee Hsien Yang for offering $20,000. Wham is appealing against the High Court which found him guilty of scandalising the judiciary. He previously insinuated that Malaysia's judges were more independent than Singapore's. What will LHL have to say to this now that his brother is helping an activist he is so against? How will this feud unfold?

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Police Charged Jolovan Wham For “Protest” Outside State Court, No Action Against FTs for Protest At CBD

Jolovan Wham holds A4 sized paper in front of State Court for a photo op, Police investigating him for illegal assembly without a permit. Foreign workers organise sit-in protest at CBD for three days, Police just advised them. So why the discrepancy? Is it because it is activist Jolovan Wham, who has made an enemy of the PAP? One rule for those you don't like, another set of rules for others?

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