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Reasons Why Sinkies Don’t Want To Have Kids in Singapore

10 years of education to survive in a education system that only encourages rote memorization and conformity without questioning. 2 years of NS to set us back in our career. 30 years of working in a environment that protects foreigners that allow them to get into cushy jobs without protection for Singaporeans.

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Local Fresh Graduates Face Bleak Future Due To Govt Policy On Importing Foreign Talent

The government claims that it is those jobs that Singaporeans do not want to do which are replaced by foreigners. They claim that it is those tech-specific jobs that Singaporeans cannot do. Really? You mean no Singaporean in my company would love to be the GM of a new department? You mean that all the young students in polytechnics and universities cannot be trained to have tech skills for a digital Singapore?

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Pritam Singh Asked PAP For Breakdown Of New Jobs For SGreans And PR, Chan Chun Sing Flat Out Refuse To Answer

This however, drew a sharp rebuke from Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing, who proceeded to give a speech that lasted for half an hour, outlining the government's strategies for growing Singapore’s economy and creating jobs. While the speech was possibly already prepared in advance, he still failed to answer Pritam's questions. So, are the Whites hiding something from Singaporeans, something that would not look too good on them?

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