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So Singaporean graduates can’t get a job?

Last week, I heard an interesting rumor that Japanese run NHK is making a documentary about “How graduates in Singapore CANNOT find jobs”! It seems like some people already got interviewed about this topic. I’m not sure how accurate that is. The fact is, success rates of graduates from the NUS getting a job see an employment rate of between 80%-100% (most ranging the upper percentiles) within 6 months of their final exam. From my observations, Singaporeans have many opportunities in the employment market. The jobs here are diverse, interesting and offer a wide variety of wage packages. They cater to a wide variety of skills, abilities and interests.

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These 10 Internships Pay More Than Your Job Does

Brace yourself. The amount these interns are raking in is enough to make you spit out your coffee. Glassdoor.com, a platform for employees to anonymously share the perks and pitfalls of their workplace, just released its 2014 list of the highest paying internships. Unsurprisingly, the majority of them are in tech and in the San Francisco Bay Area. Check out which companies made the top 10 and what their interns had to say about their experience:

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Job vacancies rise as Singapore labour market tightens

The tight Singapore labour market continues to push up the number of job vacancies with openings in September last year rising to 61,900, 9.7 per cent more than a year before, the Manpower Ministry said today (Jan 27). Consistent with prevailing trends, services continued to generate the bulk of job openings, making up four in five of all vacancies last year. Overall, there were openings across all occupational groups.

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