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Step into others’ shoes if you want others to step into yours – A response to Jaxe Pan

I wish I know of Jaxe Pan’s situation fully. Perhaps if I did, I might be writing on her behalf now. But I don’t. Hence, I refrain from commenting on whether she should, or she should not deserve HDB’s concession. Some comments have been quick to call HDB’s letter rejecting her application for a flat unjust. At the current moment, this is still unproven. However, I did find the way she had pushed for her issue wanting. In fact, I find it suspiciously political in nature.

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My daughter and I have a very close relationship. Even though there are only two of us, we are bonded in love and kinship and we are a real family. Together with many friends I know who are single parents, adopted parents, blended-family parents, homosexual men and women, we are real, and we live alongside other Singaporeans from traditional men-woman union, making the same contribution to our country. By removing books not conforming to the prescribed family model, I fear that we are creating an artifical reality for our young children. I fear that my daughter is denied the opportunity to learn the diversity of families and that she will grow to doubt her value as an individual.

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