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Hup Lee coffee shop, an icon in the Jalan Besar area, will be closing its doors on 22 August. The shophouse space, which Hup Lee has occupied since the 1950s, has been sold, and is believed to be converted into a restaurant.

As one of the last few places in Singapore serving up old-school classics like butter coffee and charcoal-grilled kaya toast, their closure is just another in the flurry of old school places that we’re slowly losing to the passage of time.

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A reader spotted a man who fell off his bike while riding along Jalan Besar Road. Quizzically, the man, who had his helmet on, then ran off without his bike towards the direction of Little India. He did not remove his helmet and disappeared from view.

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Two Pakistani men arrested for legless body in suitcase at Syed Alwi Road

Police have arrested two male Pakistani nationals, aged 25 and 43, in connection with the case where a body was found at Syed Alwi Road on Wednesday night. The suspects were arrested on Thursday (June 12) at about 3.00 pm at the vicinity of Rowell Road. A statement from the police said: "Through a coordinated operation involving more than 100 officers, the identities of the suspects and deceased were established within 24 hours of the report lodged."

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Legless male body found in suitcase near Jalan Besar

A fruit stall owner told Channel NewsAsia that past 5pm on Wednesday (June 11), an old man asked two tourists for help in pushing a trolley with a suitcase. When they touched the bag, their hands were stained with blood. It prompted them to ask the shopowner owner for permission to wash their hands on his premises. A "karang guni" man, who collects old and discarded items to sell, reportedly found a body in the suitcase when he opened it.

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4 Malaysian football fans jailed for disorderly conduct outside Jalan Besar Stadium

Four Malaysians convicted of disorderly behaviour outside Jalan Besar Stadium have been sentenced to a week’s jail. A fifth Malaysian arrested, Mohamed Kamil Kamal Basha, 28, disputed some points in the statement of facts and a pre-trial conference has been set for June 9. While a fine is more typical for these charges, the prosecution pushed for a short jail term, citing several aggravating factors.

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6 SOC police vehicles activated to arrest 5 disorderly rioters at Jalan Besar Stadium

Five people were arrested outside Jalan Besar Stadium on Tuesday night for disorderly behaviour. Police said the five -- four men and a woman -- allegedly behaved in an unruly manner at about 8.40pm when they could not enter the stadium. A Malaysia Super League football match was being played between Singapore's LionsXII and Johor Darul Takzim in the stadium at that time.

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