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GE2020: Police Report Made Against Former SAF Colonel Who Threatened Netizen Who Exposed Ivan Lim

A police report has been made against a ex-SAF colonel by the name of Surya Kumar, who threatened Bryant Wong - the good man who exposed the poor character of former PAP candidate for Jurong GRC Ivan Lim.

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GE2020: Did PAP's Ivan Lim Indirectly Admit Allegations Against Him By Withdrawing From Election?

Or can it also be seen that because he could no longer defend himself against the testimonies of his past behaviours, the way he badly treated his staff and men under him, that he decided to withdraw in case more dirt on him gets exposed?

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GE2020: PAP's Ivan Lim Withdraws From Candidacy After Mounting Controversy

In less than 24 hours after PAP's Ivan Lim announced he was determined to carry on contesting in GE2020, he U-turned and withdrew his candidacy. If Lim and the PAP thought they could quell the criticisms against Lim, they probably realised how wrong they were and how grossly they underestimated the intensity of the feedback against Lim's conduct.

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GE2020: PAP New Candidate Ivan Lim Defends Himself Against Online Criticisms

Ivan Lim has tried to explain himself in response to online criticisms and maintained that he will not back out from contesting. He did not apologise for his arrogant behaviour and instead gave his version of stories with regards to the incidents posted online.

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GE2020: Ho Ching Sides With PAP New Candidate Ivan Lim

Empress Dowager Ho Ching has taken a side on the Ivan Lim issue. Yesterday, she shared a post on her Facebook comparing PAP new candidate Ivan Lim with Kee Chiu and Kate Spade who used to be mocked by people, implying that Ivan Lim can soon prove the people wrong. By sharing this post, Madam Ho has shown that she cannot differentiate between mocking and testimonies of serious character issues from people who have crossed path with Ivan Lim.

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GE2020: PAP Defends Ivan Lim Against Elitist Criticisms, Reveals Their Own Elitism and Arrogance

It is quite plain to see that many people do no have anything good to say about this Ivan Lim. This makes it curious what so called "qualities" the PAP sees in him? Maybe they see his elitist and arrogance as qualities since so many of them are also like that?

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GE2020: More Singaporeans Call Out PAP New Candidate Ivan Lim For His Elitist and Arrogant Behaviour

From polytechnic classmate, national service camp-mates to coworkers at Keppel, no one seems to like the PAP new candidate Ivan Lim Shaw Chuan. At least we now know that Ivan's snobbish, condescending and elitist attitude did not changed over the years which fits perfectly into the PAP.

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GE2020: PAP Candidate Ivan Lim Called Out as Elitist

A Singaporean has exposed PAP new candidate Ivan Lim Shaw Chuan, the GM of Keppel Offshore & Marine as an elitist who was never well liked by his battalion when he was CO because of his condescending attitude. He apparently had a habit of boasting about his personal achievements and drove around camp in expensive cars. Just like many PAP members sitting in their ivory towers, it is unfathomable how such politicians can empathise with ordinary citizens and be their voice in parliament.

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