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MP Zaqy calls for govt-led plan to improve returns on CPF savings

Member of Parliament Zaqy Mohamad has called on the Government to find new ways to improve returns on Central Provident Fund(CPF) savings so that it is not too difficult for Singaporeans to reach the Minimum Sum they need to set aside for their retirement. The MP for Chua Chu Kang GRC proposed a Government-backed investment plan that has higher interest rates and accounts for inflation.

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Tired of working: Thinking of setting up your own pension fund?

I have been a volunteer doing financial counselling for about a decade now. One of the most common cases that we come across, are people who have lost their jobs, their business has to be discontinued for reasons other than business financial failure that may typically consume most of their assets, or people who may feel that they are tired of working and need a long break.

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SPP: Singaporeans need alternative retirement schemes other than CPF

"Raising the CPF minimum sum is not the only way - it makes retirement tougher," it said in a statement on Saturday. "Many Singaporeans are also deeply unhappy about the compulsory annuity CPF scheme. We need alternative retirement schemes to build an inclusive society." The country, it added, needs a complex mix of policies, such as alternative investment options to ensure a sufficient pool of funds in CPF.

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