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Lim Tean Heckled By Cops, The Heck Is Going On ?!

I am highly suspect within the time frame in which this was done. Assuming that these allegations against Lim Tean were pre-existing and not something that would just appear out of nowhere, why did the police specifically muscled into Lim Tean's office one week before that Libel suit ? It could easily be a subtle message to hold his tongue in the presence of Lee Hsien Loong

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More Civil Activists Stand Up For New Naratif’s Thum Ping Tjin

New Naratif's founder Dr Thum Ping Tjin (PJ Thum) was hauled up by the police and had his electronic equipment seized. The police treatment of PJ Thum has been viewed as a form of state harassment and intimidation tactics. International organisations and political parties like the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) have come to the defence of New Naratif, and their voices have just been joined by prominent civil activists like playwright Alfian Sa'at, as well as activists such as Sean Francis Han and Function 8.

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It has been more than one month since Bryan Lim was "allegedly" charged over threatening comments. No news has been heard since. That's because nothing happened to him, and mainstream media will just sweep this incident under the carpet. (Which is pretty much their standard operating procedure for anything NOT related to WP.)

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