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I chanced across SMU-TCS iCity Lab and noticed that the interns are mainly PRC students. The lab is a joint venture of SMU and an IT company from India. Of the 8 interns, 6 seemed to be from PRC, except the last 2. Why don’t give more internship to our locals? What about the other nationalities?

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IT PMET from India molests intern several times

An Indian FT who was sentenced to 9 months’ jail by a district court earlier lost his appeal against his conviction on Friday (2 May). Balasubramaniyan Gowri Balan, 34, was found guilty by the court earlier for molesting a 19-year-old law firm intern in an MRT train. During the morning rush hour in the packed train, Balasubramaniyan touched the undergraduate several times. The intern testified that she was playing games on her mobile phone when she felt someone touching her in her groin area. She saw Balasubramaniyan’s arm near her body but thought that the contact was accidental.

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